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Case Studies

We have been privileged to work with many fantastically creative people on a wide range of inspiring projects. This variety keeps us fresh and our ideas flowing.

A small selection of our valued customers are showcased below and illustrate the range of benefits that aCADmy can offer your business.


The NHS have commissioned us to provide design, modelling, mechanical prototyping and visualisation of innovative and exciting new products. These developments were made in order to address problems faced by NHS medical and care staff. Key concepts and product requirements are defined by healthcare professionals and aCADmy in partnership with the NHS are able to take these ideas and develop them into a functioning product concept.

As these designs are currently under non-disclosure agreements, technical details cannot be disclosed.




High Altitude Unmanned Air Vehicles

aCADmy technical staff have successfully supported contracts with large defence programmes such as the high altitude UAV. Technical work included supporting development of extremely lightweight airframe structures and power systems. Involvement included theoretical and modelling work as well as physical system integration and testing. Seeing one's work contribute to a new aircraft undertaking it maiden flight under desert skies is surely one of the best professional experiences a design engineer can have!

The sensitive nature of the program precludes detailed description, however the bbc ran the story on its website here: BBC News



Play equipment sector

aCADmy's creative flair has been instrumental in development of a new range of children's playground equipment under contracts with major play industry providers. We have a strong background in this sector as our experience of materials, manufacturing and safety combined with innovative design allow market leading product development.




Partech Instruments

Partech are a high-tech company who develop and supply water quality monitoring instrumentation to a wide range of customers. aCADmy were pleased to provide modelling services to Partech in order to support product development and marketing materials.






Lifestyle furniture design

A dynamic new furniture and lifestyle brand based in Falmouth, Cornwall required drawings for manufacture and photorealistic renderings for their new designs.

aCADmy were able to produce technical drawings that enabled utilisation of improved manufacturing techniques, ensuring that the product became economically viable.

The provision of electronic drawings also allowed a wide range of manufacturers to be contacted for quotes and thus the most competitive manufacturer could be commissioned.